When to Scrub Your Leadership

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Remember those times when you didn’t show up the way you wanted?

You may be aware of why you were not able to be fully present or effective in the situation. Maybe you were distracted by real life matters. Or you simply didn’t get enough sleep and your body was sending you an important message you avoided ‘replying’ to. Perhaps you had no idea what was going on.

Regardless of the reason, you didn’t have the impact you wanted.

When I’m not at my best, it feels like there’s this figurative layer of dust or grime surrounding me, a sort of cloud I want out from under. People around me see it too. And because of it, I lose their energy and their focus where it’s needed.

In the practice of leadership, people demonstrate responsibility in their world and inspire others to do the same. To do so requires energy. It means noticing what clearly requires attention as well as less obvious, subtle cues in our environment.

When things in the distance diminish our ability to attend to what’s right in front of us, we can’t lead effectively.

To counteract this, I do a ‘scrub’ of my leadership by asking myself a few questions:

  • WHERE is it most important for me to focus right now?
  • WHY am I not attending to that?
  • WHAT is at risk if I do (attend to that)?
  • HOW can I pivot towards where it’s important I focus?
  • WHO might I need to make aware of my shift in attention?

This leadership scrub is especially useful in moments of lethargy, distraction, and/or frustration. It has worked wonders to help me wash away that metaphorical layer of dust and re-prioritize so that I bring my best energy to my leadership. Then, I keep paying attention to see how my renewed presence lands with each person or situation I face.

This Week’s Challenge: Where you aren’t bringing your best, try this leadership scrub and see how it works for you and those around you.

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  1. Doug Brady on March 5, 2022 at 8:58 pm

    Nice reminder Jen.
    Always good to do a stop and review,
    or as you say scrub.

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