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Over the last dozen days, we’ve seen brilliant leadership gloriously exemplified by Ukrainian President Zelensky. 

At LAITHOS, we describe this part of the leadership journey as moving from clarity and confidence towards vision. And from that, building a community helps propel movement towards aligned action.

After you are very clear and confident in the core of who you are as a leader – and you have routinely connected, built trust, and had a “team above self” approach when collaborating – it’s time to uncover and share a long-term vision.

Then, as you pursue goals with the long-term in mind, it’s powerful when you enlist help in the mission. Transform Your Horizons is about inspiring a movement where everyone is truly committed to a common goal, a common purpose, and a common drive. 

In that movement, you change conventional views and create advocates for new ones. You effectively rally whole entities into action and speak for the way forward.

Uniting people around a shared goal compels them to become a community of action. This community wants to make a lasting impact. This part of the path is about leaving something bigger in the world.

Not only do the people of Ukraine seem inspired by their leader – both his words and actions – so do others around the globe. People are aligning on Zelensky’s vision of what is needed for his country as evidenced by several factors: 

  • “Retired” soldiers from other countries have traveled to this country to fight alongside its residents. 
  • Dozens of humanitarian organizations are raising funds and mobilizing teams to respond to needs of affected children and families. 
  • Many countries are sending military equipment. 
  • People are demonstrating their support through wearing Ukrainian colors and taking to the streets in protest of Russia’s actions.

Two days ago, President Zelensky declared what was needed from others: “We all are people of this world. We should be together, we should be strong, and show solidarity.” From your lips to God’s ears, Mr. Zelensky. May you get what you’ve been asking for in supportive actions (and not simply verbiage) for your vision of a safe and peaceful Ukraine. 

This Week’s Challenge: What is your bigger picture? Who do you need to enlist as part of your community? What will inspire them to contribute their time and talents? Or, who inspires you with their vision? What can you do to become part of that movement?

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  1. Doug Brady on March 9, 2022 at 1:20 pm

    Outstanding Tee!!

    Talk about rising to meet the challenge of the moment and leading from the front. We are witnessing true leadership and the concept of “expanding horizons” with president Zelensky.
    Spot on and inspiring.

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