Given short and numerous deadlines, it’s common for individuals to just put their heads down and “get it done.” When you go together as a team, you can go far.

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We don’t trust one another.We don’t respect one another enough.Everyone is trying to “look good.”Direction keeps changing.We don’t have clear roles.We are slow to execute.We have a toxic culture.We don’t take the time to step back and assess.There is little / no strategic thinking.Poor communications abound.We can’t get aligned on important issues.We lack empathy.Our processes don’t work.No true ownership exists.There are either too many – or no – chefs in the kitchen.My teammates lack interpersonal skills.Not every member of the team has a voice.We work in silos.We don’t seem to have support from above.We talk a lot but nothing gets done.The work we do doesn’t matter.There is too much “groupthink.”Our deadlines and objectives are unrealistic.There is little / no recognition or celebration of good work.We truly don’t have each others’ backs.There is little freedom to innovate.

Imagine your team where:

  • Collaboration is a go-to guiding principle
  • Every member has a voice
  • Innovation and risk taking is expected
  • Members aspire to be more aligned and effective
  • Time is taken to identify obstacles and behaviors that get in the way
  • Groupthink is avoided
  • There is no more “go-along-to-just-get-along”
  • Roles and responsibilities are clear AND everyone behaves like a leader

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Using our unique framework and approach, we help you find the path to solve the problem and have the impact you desire

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Custom Programs

Leadership is not about a level or a title – it’s the way you show up in your life, whether at work or not. Everyone can step up their leadership impact to make a difference, and positively affect their cultures and communities.

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Focused Coaching

Sometimes, individuals or teams require dedicated attention and support on specific issues. No matter what your objective, we have a framework that provides clarity, enhances connection, builds accountability, and shapes culture.

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Interactive Workshops

Our workshops enable participants to embrace challenges, collaborate and build interdependent relationships that will boost your company's bottom line. When employees are engaged and feel valued, success is inevitable.

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Leadership Circle

“I had the best experience! After everything I went through last year, it still feels 'strange' to be so happy!”

Alberta S., Communications Director

“We got right to important issues, be it business or personal coaching – her range and expertise is right there.”

Mischa C., VP Customer Service

“I now ask for what I want, rather than wait and hope for things to happen.”

Alice G, Director of Financial Accounting

I am now more mindful about aligning my management objectives with my value system, and with a great degree of confidence.”

Kelly G, VP Sales

“The combination of intuition, business savvy and strength – holding focus on my behalf – have been immensely helpful to me."

Amy K., Senior Vice President

Are you ready to do more, show up brilliantly, and make a greater difference?