When organizations instill and nurture a culture where all team members know they are valued and their efforts matter, amazing things can happen.

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We have a toxic culture.I can’t let my guard down.Lots of gossip and assumptions.Passive / Aggressive behaviors abound.We never get feedback – how do I know I’m OK?I’m a number, not a person.Customers? What customers?It seems like our sole focus is the bottom line.Why have so many people left?They give us too little (or too much) information. I’m worried.Nobody is recognized when they do something good.Everything is so chaotic – when will it calm down?There a new owner / new CEO. I wonder what that means.Why are those C-Suite folks so competitive with each other?Leaders don’t ”walk the talk.”Egos seem to rule the organization.We’re challenged with recent change.What is our vision?It’s hard to prosper in these uncertain times.I’m so tired of all of the change – it’s constant!

Imagine your organization where:

  • People are agile and flexible
  • Both hard and “soft” skills are equally appreciated
  • Being called a “leader” is not about titles or levels
  • Employee engagement is high
  • Actions support the words
  • Values are clear and embraced
  • Leadership growth and development is a strategic investment
  • Everyone's leadership is valued

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Using our unique framework and approach, we help you find the path to solve the problem and have the impact you desire

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Custom Programs

Leadership is not about a level or a title – it’s the way you show up in your life, whether at work or not. Everyone can step up their leadership impact to make a difference, and positively affect their cultures and communities.

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Focused Coaching

Sometimes, individuals or teams require dedicated attention and support on specific issues. No matter what your objective, we have a framework that provides clarity, enhances connection, builds accountability, and shapes culture.

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Interactive Workshops

Our workshops enable participants to embrace challenges, collaborate and build interdependent relationships that will boost your company's bottom line. When employees are engaged and feel valued, success is inevitable.

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Leadership Circle

“I had the best experience! After everything I went through last year, it still feels 'strange' to be so happy!”

Alberta S., Communications Director

“We got right to important issues, be it business or personal coaching – her range and expertise is right there.”

Mischa C., VP Customer Service

“I now ask for what I want, rather than wait and hope for things to happen.”

Alice G, Director of Financial Accounting

I am now more mindful about aligning my management objectives with my value system, and with a great degree of confidence.”

Kelly G, VP Sales

“The combination of intuition, business savvy and strength – holding focus on my behalf – have been immensely helpful to me."

Amy K., Senior Vice President

Are you ready to do more, show up brilliantly, and make a greater difference?