We are Human


My best varies daily. 

Some days I’m able to “save the day” and solve complex problems, and other days I spend 15 minutes looking for the phone that is safely encased in my back pocket. Over time, I’ve come to understand that my value doesn’t diminish on the days I don’t think I’m performing at 100 percent.

Yours doesn’t either. None of us continually meets the high standards we (and sometimes others) set for ourselves. 

On those days that I don’t feel I’m performing at my best, I’ve learned to pause and lean into the support of my team. That’s the beauty of creating a network of humans united in purpose and aligned around the same goals. We each have different strengths that appear at different times and together we achieve a 100-percent effort. We know our value as a team, and we are there to support one another.

Have you considered giving yourself the same kind of support? Doing things as simple as pausing to reflect on what you’ve done well, laughing at the absurdity of having your phone in your back pocket, adjusting your expectations when things don’t follow the plans you so carefully laid out? 

Give yourself the same compassion you would for a teammate or friend. Shore yourself up – don’t tear yourself down. We are human, not robots.

You matter. 

This Week’s Challenge: Listen to how you talk to yourself when things aren’t going the way you want. Would you say the same to a teammate or friend? Think about what you would say and then say it to yourself. Motivation and inspiration come from the positive, not the negative. And your resilience muscle will be strengthened through this practice, too.

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