The LAITHOS Way™ — S.E.T. Your Path

The LAITHOS Way™ is about the journey of your leadership in the world.
You can “S.E.T. Your Path” as a leader.

Strengthen Your Core
Clarify what’s important to you (within)

Expand Your Influence
Broaden your connections (with others) 

Transform Your Horizons
Create a lasting legacy (in your world)

No matter where you are on the path, we guide you every step of the way.


The LAITHOS Way™ – S.E.T. Your Path

Using our framework, we start wherever you are on your leadership path. We ensure that you keep your eye keenly on the path at all points of your journey – looking back as you look forward and vice versa. The LAITHOS Way™ is a proven approach to creating leadership impact in work and in life. To achieve the results you desire, readiness and drive are required for this journey. Rest assured – we are with you every step of the way.

Here’s a glimpse into what it’s about…

Strengthen Your Core

Getting clear on what’s important to you is the start. Knowing what you’re good at, and what to focus on, are marks of an evolved leader. You purposefully design your desired outcomes. This part of the path compels you to navigate choices, embrace calculated risks, and act with conviction and confidence.

Now it’s time Expand Your Influence.


Expand Your Influence

Your interactions create connection and invite participation. You grab hold of tough situations and generate open dialogue. You seek to understand and build off of others’ perspectives but you aren’t afraid to challenge them. You foster productive relationships that spark new ideas and encourage creativity. You act as partner, mentor, sponsor and coach for others.

Now it’s time Transform Your Horizons.

Transform Your Horizons

As you pursue goals with the long-term in mind, it’s always more powerful when you enlist help in the mission. You will change conventional views and create advocates for new ones. You are effectively rallying whole entities into action and speaking for the way forward. Uniting people around a shared goal compels them to become a community of action.

Now it’s time to Decide What’s Next.

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Leadership Circle

“I had the best experience! After everything I went through last year, it still feels 'strange' to be so happy!”

Alberta S., Communications Director

“We got right to important issues, be it business or personal coaching – her range and expertise is right there.”

Mischa C., VP Customer Service

“I now ask for what I want, rather than wait and hope for things to happen.”

Alice G, Director of Financial Accounting

I am now more mindful about aligning my management objectives with my value system, and with a great degree of confidence.”

Kelly G, VP Sales

“The combination of intuition, business savvy and strength – holding focus on my behalf – have been immensely helpful to me."

Amy K., Senior Vice President

Are you ready to do more, show up brilliantly, and make a greater difference?