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You know that feeling when you do something and others catch on? Like a brave soul who gets on an empty dance floor and others follow? One small action can propel others into movement.

To Transform Your Horizons means doing something that’s larger than you in YOUR world. Notice I don’t say in THE world…that’s big, maybe too big. Every one of us occupies some space in the world – that’s YOUR world. When we impact OUR own world, we collectively can create impact in THE world. I’ll offer a metaphor: If you feed one mouth and then we each feed one mouth, together we might solve world hunger. You get the point.

For a long time, I had a grandiose vision to help restore peace to a war-torn country where I grew-up. The problem was, my vision was so big that I wasn’t able to move into action. Then I realized the impact I wanted to create was less about peace in that country and more about growing brilliant leadership, both in myself and others. So, I began to focus in my own ‘backyard’.

I’ve started a leadership movement that’s exciting AND very do-able, and it’s actually happening now. And if there’s one more thing I know: YOUR world is large enough too to create an impact; and so is the next person’s world, and the next person’s…we impact THE world by impacting others within our own communities.

This Week: Ask yourself “How can my actions create a positive impact for others in MY world? And, how will others begin the ripple effect by embracing the action and passing it along?” Now, that’s how you begin a movement! And remember – nothing is too small.

In Next Week’s Post: We focus on what it takes to commit to creating a leadership legacy.

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