Who’s In Charge?

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Think of all the times you wanted to step up to the plate—or go out on a limb—but didn’t. What held you back? Did you defer to those with greater position or authority? I see this happen often in business. Brilliant leaders who know how to make the right things happen yield their power to others. This can be self-limiting.

Leadership is not a position – it’s a mindful choice to lead from various positions as required…from above, behind, the side, inside, around. This is part of how you Strengthen Your Core as a leader.

I witnessed this most recently with a group of my friends. Each year we get together, as we did recently in Croatia. We’ve known each other since high school, so you would think we have our act together by now. However, during our time together we often wonder, “Who’s in charge?!” This can cause us to wander aimlessly though a “Game of Thrones” (literally, this time, as we visited many famous film locations including the “Walk of Shame” on Dubrovnik’s Jesuit Staircase).

Who is in charge? No one…and everyone. Not just one person – that’s my point. Instead of deferring to each other as we have done unsuccessfully in the past, we now each show up much more intentionally by occupying a role that is needed in the group. Mr. K helps lighten the mood. Ms. K creates excitement and energy. Mr. E keeps us grounded. Ms. Z gets us appreciating space around us. Mr. P brings his fierceness to rachet up the fun. Ms. H offers warm connection. Mr. M creates cohesion amongst us. Mr. J helps us feel at ease in his capable hands when we’re in new cities. And me…I observe and share about our group dynamics (and then blog about it, of course!).

What’s clear is there is no one leader. Rather, we are a system of friends who choose to lead from various positions each time we convene. We like it this way; it builds our capacity to both follow and lead which keeps us growing as leaders.

This Week: Consider where you want to have an impact. Then, think about the role you are playing in that arena. Are you deferring to others where you could instead be showing up brilliantly? Are you operating intentionally between the various aspects of how to lead? Are you playing to your strengths as you do this?

In Next Week’s Post: We explore the courage and confidence it takes to lead brilliantly.

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