The Unexpected Journey

Blog 2022-05-31 Clarity Map

The coaching engagement has finished, and the client says: “This isn’t what I expected … it’s made a huge difference in my life.” 

When my clients realize that their greatest learnings – the biggest takeaways – from our time together have nothing to do with why we started coaching in the first place, I get goosebumps.

The initial focus may have been greater communication skills or improved relationships with co-workers or transitioning into a new role or promotion. But after a few times together, there’s a shift in direction. 

That’s when a new journey begins – towards clarity into the core of who they are. Here, clients uncover their personal values, discovering what makes them tick and what ticks them off. They explore behaviors and reactions that are triggered by those values. They delve into limiting beliefs, deal with imposter syndrome, and explore what they really want for themselves. 

The catalyst for this work is the client’s willingness to be open. Open to different questions; digging into mind, body, and soul cues; and looking at things from different perspectives. It requires dedicated time to reflect deeply and to routinely practice and try new approaches. And, in the end, it pays dividends.

One client said, “Opening up to <my coach> pushed me to a different level of awareness even though it was difficult at times.” More goosebumps. 

Yes, clients get what they came to coaching for – better communication skills, improved relationships, etc. And, because they are willing to focus on themselves, they get clarity of who they are as leaders in their lives. The result: confidence to show up brilliantly.

As author Angela Blount says, “Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn’t mean to take.”

This Week’s Challenge: How well do you know yourself? How much clarity do you have about your values, your strengths, and your priorities? If you aren’t clear, find someone who can support you. 

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