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12.31.19 Photo Growth - Intentions

Oh, the pressure!

What inspirational words should I share as we launch into the new year and reflect on the old? What different approach can I offer to come up with “the list” … and stick to it? What’s important to consider when coming up with resolutions? How do you balance your choices in business and life?

Like many people, I’ve had my fair share of lists – some years, I’ve chosen to be super-strict; other years, I’ve chosen to adopt a kinder, gentler approach. There were times when it was a detailed punch list of “to dos” (e.g., exercise 4x week; floss every day); other times, it was a single word that I wanted to permeate my life (e.g., boundaries) or a couple of general outcomes that I wanted in my life (e.g., healthy life, increase learning).

And yet, I couldn’t tell you my one word or show you my detailed list after the first half of any year because – you know how it goes — life gets in the way! Why do we go through this every year? Is making annual New Year’s resolutions an active, personal choice or a tradition of obligation?

After some reflection, I say to heck with tradition! If I’m going to make choices about being and/or doing something different in 2020, then I want those choices to be intentional. No more “safe” checklists that make me feel good about crossing things off; and no more generic visions that are too vague and uncompelling.

Instead, I’ll follow the Strengthen Your Core element of The LAITHOS Way™ by: revisiting my core values, strengths and priorities; assessing where those areas have not been supported or exercised in 2019; and then determining what success looks like for me in the coming year. Only then will I purposefully choose what needs to change or continue to evolve. No longer will I consider January 1st as a make-or-break day.  Hey … that’s my first purposeful choice of the new year!

Happy 2020 – here’s to more thought about the list, than the list itself; and may you fulfill all of your intentions.

This Week: If you’ve already compiled your New Year’s resolutions, take another look. Are you truly being intentional? If not, what will you change? If you don’t believe in resolutions, what is one thing you want to be front-and-center in your life this year; and how will you purposefully support that?

In Next Week’s Post: We look at the role energy plays in having the courage to take action.

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