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Blog 21-12-21

Today marks the first day of Winter – the Winter solstice. Winter is a time when trees and plants go dormant and both animals and insects go into hibernation. Nature supports a complex system for sustainability and renewal. Seeds dropped in the Fall germinate underground waiting for Spring to sprout, and animals that might not survive the harsher conditions sleep in a suspended state. 

In contrast, humans are rushing to finish year-end reports, aiming to meet annual projections, creating future goals while juggling family and holiday expectations, and assessing the uncertainities brought on by the pandemic. There is little designed in the lives we live to slow us down and provide space for rest and reflection. 

Let’s take today’s Winter solstice as a reminder to create the space to “take a break”. We know the benefits of doing so but too often the daily grind sends us off in other directions. We forget that we have choices as we get caught up in the “to do” lists; we deplete ourselves – mentally and physically. When we do that, we can lose our connection to what  really matter to us. Spoiler alert: we need that connection to drive and sustain us.

You matter………… You ……… matter. Give yourself the gift of rest and reflection. See what grows from it. 

This Week’s Challenge: Make yourself a priority. Consistently schedule time for rest and reflection. Take a walk, call a friend, read a book. Pick something you enjoy. Give this “appointment” the same urgency you would a work/family commitment. Be aware of the difference it makes to your mindset and actions. Reflect on the differences and build on them. Take care of you.

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  1. Doug Brady on December 21, 2021 at 10:29 am

    Outstanding ME.
    I’m cancelling all my appointments today and making it a a DB day.

    Merry Christmas to y’all.!!!

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