Sparking Connections

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I love watching fireworks! Many fond memories come flooding back at this time of year:  

  • sitting on a blanket with friends on the Capitol lawn in Washington, DC, seeing the display light up the sky to show off the multiple national monuments;  
  • floating on the Hudson River with 200 other people oohing and ahhing at the brilliant illuminations in NYC;  
  • walking in the New Smyrna Beach, FL July 4 evening “parade” with my new boyfriend (now my husband, Doug); 
  • lighting sparklers in the backyard with my parents and sisters – which, over the years, graduated to Dad cobbling together a home fireworks display, complete with small missiles/rockets, Roman candles, and a few firecrackers. 

The combination of the beautiful hues with the anticipation of what will be shot into the sky next is what keeps me focused and interested. Yet, when I reflect on what I really love about watching fireworks, it boils down to connection … connection with the people I’m with (because it isn’t nearly as much fun alone) and the connection of multiple fireworks exploding at the same time (because the variety of colors, shapes and sizes create a bigger impact). 

While today may be Independence Day, connection plays a role in everyone’s lives – whether it’s something you tend toward or shy away from. LAITHOS believes that connection is a key enabler to Expand Your Influence. And by influence we don’t mean “convincing” others that you have all the answers. Rather, we mean seeking to understand and build off of others’ perspectives and fostering productive relationships that stimulate new ideas and encourage creativity.  

In the coming weeks, we’ll share ideas about how empathy, curiosity, and trust help to foster connection with others. Just picture the spark that each can create for you in your life. Stay connected and discover ways to expand your influence. 

This Week: Reflect on the relationships in your life: How does connection serve you? How does independence stifle you? What changes would you like to make? 

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  1. Doug Brady on July 4, 2023 at 2:32 pm

    Terrific Tee
    While I lean more towards the individual and independent, there is no denying the power of connection and relationships. You have taught me that.

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