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Blog 2022-01-04 What You Seek2

It seems like only yesterday we were ushering in 2021, with high hopes of “getting back to normal.” And after yet another 12 months, many of us are still working from home, homeschooling children, wearing masks, and cancelling travel plans.

So, what do we want to be different 12 months from now? What can we influence and what can we not? I recently heard a quote from the poet, Rumi: “What you seek is seeking you.” According to, to seek is “to go in search or quest of; to try to obtain; to find or discover by searching or questioning.”

This got me thinking: Rather than starting with the proverbial list of resolutions for this new year, what if I dug a little deeper? Instead of scribing a list of the things I will or won’t do in the future, what if I identified what I was truly seeking? And then, put all my energies into that. What would be possible then? 

Initially, I was overwhelmed – surely, I thought, what I seek must be monumental; otherwise, would it really be worth seeking? Admittedly, I was thinking too hard. When I ultimately got connected to my heart, the answer came easily … I seek to live a robust life that brings me (and those in my life) joy.

My next set of questions: What does robust mean to me? What do I need to live a strong and healthy life – mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally? Of those needs, what do I already have and what is missing? 

Now comes the list with the corresponding actions required, remembering that it all ties back to what I am seeking – a robust life that brings joy. And the more I correlate my actions with how it supports what I am seeking, the greater the likelihood that what I seek will start to seek me. 

The first step I’m taking is to routinely use the version of my name that brings me joy and represents living an integrated professional and personal life — Tee Thorsen-Brady. Of course, I’ll still answer to Tracey. 🙂

This Week’s Challenge: What is it that your heart seeks? Don’t worry about finding THE answer. Use this week to write whatever comes to mind. Don’t filter what you put on the piece of paper – anything goes. On a different day, pull out that piece of paper and read aloud everything you’ve written. Notice your breathing, your heartbeat, that uncontrollable smile – all of these are indications of something meaningful to you. Once you have something that resonates, start your list of actions and behaviors that support what you seek. 

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