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A lot has been written about mindset and why it matters. Most often the discussions address the disparity between the fixed and the growth mindset. Those with a fixed mindset view intelligence, abilities and talents as something you are born with while those with a growth mindset believe these traits can be improved with effort.  

We are not born with a fixed mindset and, in fact, we can move towards a growth mindset. If you doubt this, watch a baby as it figures out how to crawl and walk. The baby doesn’t question whether it can learn a new skill. It just keeps at it until it does … from stomach … to crawl … to walk. So, when do we learn that we can’t learn? Where do we develop our fixed mindsets? 

Carol Dweck in Mindset: The New Psychology of Success tells us that “As soon as children become able to evaluate themselves, some of them become afraid of challenges. They become afraid of not being smart. I have studied thousands of people from preschoolers on, and it’s breathtaking how many reject an opportunity to learn.”  

When was the last time you rejected an opportunity to learn because you didn’t believe you were able to? What did you lose by doing so? While your brain is an organ, it needs to be exercised just like a muscle. When you do, you’ll find your intelligence, abilities, and talents grow too. 

Stay tuned next week for the growth mindset. It’s a space you’ll want to inhabit. 

This Week:  Take some time to reflect on what stops you from taking action towards your goals. Is it your mindset? Take note of what it is saying and decide if you want to accept it. You are at choice.  

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  1. Doug Brady on March 7, 2023 at 11:10 am

    Great point ME
    Unfortunately much of that hits home.
    I choose Growth, but cautiously.

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