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Blog 2021-09-21 Limiting belief

I have always enjoyed watching the Summer Olympics. While I like watching certain events, I appreciate the athleticism of all competitors. This was the first year I also watched the Paralympics; and the word appreciation doesn’t even scratch the surface.

These athletes model courage, fortitude, perseverance, drive, focus, and creativity. These were just a few words that flooded my mind as I witnessed an armless swimmer keeping pace with a fellow athlete with no legs, and ping pong players who held paddles in their teeth while acing some of their serves. From the seat I sit in, they don’t allow any limitations to get in their way.

It got me thinking about how I allow my limiting beliefs to get in the way of what I want. One that has surfaced recently is: “I don’t have the energy today to (blank) so I’ll wait and do it another time.” Call them gremlins or saboteurs, they are the voices in your head that convince you to play it safe, to not take a risk, to not push too hard.

With a goal of getting my body routinely exercising again, remembering these amazing athletes with physical challenges have become my way to combat the limiting belief about energy and stamina. Having nothing that truly prevents physical exertion, I tell myself – often aloud – that I must push past what the saboteur voice tells me. What I can do versus how those para-athletes demonstrated their ability to push past their physical limits is like comparing an ant hill to Mt. Everest. This is helpful especially on days where my pesky gremlins try to convince me that I can’t walk farther than what I’m used to.

It helps me put things into perspective, and I find I can more readily rally and do a bit more. The other day I decided to add a few of the side roads to my typical walking course and repeated “ant hill / Mt. Everest” a few times to reinforce that nothing truly prevents me from doing more.

Rounding the last leg of my path, I admit that I was proud of myself – not only for the additional mileage I added to my typical walk but also for finding a tool that successfully reframes my limiting belief. I’m now looking forward to my next walk.

This Week’s Challenge:  Take time and write down some limiting beliefs you might have. How does each limiting belief cause you to behave, to act, and/or to react? What do you want to be different? Then explore different avenues to quiet the saboteur that’s repeating your belief. What are the words that will help make a shift toward what’s wanted? Jot down how you will incorporate them into your daily routine.

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  1. Doug Brady on September 22, 2021 at 8:54 am

    Terrific points Tee.
    A little extra effort in all things goes a long long way.

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