Talking to peers and co-workers, it seems most of us are experiencing a mixture of relief and fear when we look forward to what’s next. That’s natural. And, there’s a lot to be learned if we take the opportunity to hit <PAUSE> and examine our thoughts around what’s been happening and what is possible.

In many ways, our brains are wired to simplify events – compartmentalizing them into known buckets so we can move forward to the next thing. There’s value, however, in stopping to question whether those thought-buckets are useful and serve our growth.

When we stop to examine our thoughts around the workplace and our interactions with others, it can be surprising to notice what has crept into our interpretations of what is and clouded our vision of what can be. Sometimes, we have created unfounded obstacles to finding solutions and collaborating. This is the magic of pausing and reflecting – uncovering beliefs that keep us from achieving our goals.

What magic can you create if you hit <PAUSE>? Examine the way you view your goals. What is not serving you? How can you replace the belief with another thought and subsequent actions that expand possibilities? We have so much more capability and resiliency than we give ourselves credit for. Let’s use more of it.

This Week’s Challenge: This has been a year like no other for most of us. What comes to mind when you look back? Hit <PAUSE> and reflect on what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown. What will you take forward into this next phase of your life?

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