Extraordinary Beyond a Crisis

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These past months have me thinking a lot about how we handle crises and what it takes to operate successfully during turbulent times. What makes the difference between being an ordinary versus an extraordinary leader during a crisis? Extraordinary leaders do not keep their distance from events and people that need their leadership.

Leaders I view as extraordinary tend to:

  • respond more often than react;
  • reflect on their behavior instead of ignoring responsibility and their impact; and,
  • focus on what’s possible more so than what’s limiting.

Why does this matter? 

RESPONSIVE versus REACTIVE: When we react, it is based in our own needs, often without considering others in a situation. When we are responsive, we are more able to be present for others.

REFLECTION versus IGNORING: When we ignore what’s needed right in front of us or dismiss our impact, we hinder potential for growth. When we reflect on our behavior, we increase our awareness of the impact we have on others. Then we can choose to alter our behavior as needed.

POSSIBILITIES versus LIMITATIONS: When we focus on limitations, we impede our ability to be resourceful when faced with challenges. When we consider possibilities beyond our core assumptions, we generate solutions we might not have otherwise.

Stepping up to being extraordinary can be simple. Here are a few questions to ponder:

  1. Am I there for others when they need it?
  2. Am I showing up responsibly in every aspect of my life?
  3. Do I consider the possibilities in each situation I encounter, to increase my chances of transcending limitations?

This Week’s Challenge: Consider the three questions above. Perhaps you answer each with specific circumstances in mind. Over time, if not already, as you answer yes, you’ll progress further on the path towards extraordinary leadership in your life.

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  1. Doug Brady on March 22, 2022 at 8:40 am

    Very thoughtful
    and thought provoking Jen. Thanks.

    Feel better soon.

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