Be a Redwood


Fun nature fact: Those massive Redwoods that are so awe-inspiring have shallow root systems that go out over 100 feet from their trunks. Their strength to withstand strong winds and floods is because their roots intertwine with the roots of the other Redwoods. What a beautiful lesson from nature about the value of support systems and community.

At LAITHOS, we are thrilled when we plant and nurture the seeds of community through our leadership programs. Bearing witness to the transformational shifts in mindsets of our leaders is as awe-inspiring as those Redwoods. 

Leaders understand and take action to create “root systems” for themselves, their teams, and their organizations. Recognizing that leadership is a marathon, not a sprint, they take the time to strengthen their core – focusing on values, beliefs, and presence. From this foundation, they are able to provide support for one another’s growth. It is fitting that community comes from the Old French comunete – “reinforced by its source.” Leaders step up to be a source of purpose, inspiration, and support for others. 

Leadership is not easy. We are constantly learning and evolving and will be doing so for the rest of our lives. The payback is phenomenal. When we grow our leadership and the leadership of others, we create a community of people who care about one another and who are focused on their own leadership impact. The results ripple out into their communities. 

Leadership is a choice. Henry Ford noted that “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” We wish you success with your choices.

This Week’s Challenge: Map out your “root system” at work and in life. Who are the people who help you withstand strong winds and floods? Take a moment or two to appreciate them. Who’s not on the map that you would like to see? Include them and then make the choice to take the actions needed to make it real. Redwoods don’t start with a root system of 100 feet. It takes time … and the time you take will be worth it. 

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