What You Think Matters

what you think matters

Mental Models is a trending term right now. More and more folks are recognizing just how powerful our brains are as neuroscience makes new discoveries daily. I was a skeptic until I found myself in the most stressful job of my career, with a boss who had an extremely high achievement bar and no social skills. Add on a commute that could range from 45 minutes to three hours and … meet my “perfect” Hell!

It’s said that when you need a teacher, one appears. Mine came in the form of a book by Lynn Grabhorn, Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. My commute became a litany of “I Am …” statements and stories. I’d reframe how I was going to think about those “obstacles” in order to experience the day in a different way. Invariably, I was smiling by the time I walked in the door; and, strangely enough, there were shifts occurring in both personal and professional dynamics. The job became one of the most rewarding of my career with the greatest impact. And my boss … well, he seemed more human to me.

Let’s be clear. Mental models are not about “wishing” for a different outcome. They’re about creating a framework that helps shift how you think about a strongly-held belief and expands your thinking in way that positively serves you. Choose to develop capacity in this arena and you will find that you Strengthen Your Core because: creativity expands; resiliency improves; networks increase. In short, you’ll break out of the boxes that previously defined your world.

This Week: Stretch yourself. Think about a belief you have that no longer serves you. Some common examples: being perfect is the only way to get ahead at work; doing everything yourself is just easier; you never cross the line between work and personal friends. You get the picture.

What about that belief is a good thing for you? And what is not? As humans, we are designed to do what is familiar. Have some fun with discovering new ways to reframe how you look at your belief. Engage your brain in practicing a new way of thinking – let us know what you’ve discovered.

In Next Week’s Post: We are going to find the courage to identify and act on our deepest desire.

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