I’ve Got Goals, They’re Multiplying

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I’ve Got Goals - They’re Multiplying

I’ve got a lot going on, from professional to personal…don’t we all?! Many of these things are purposefully chosen because I have a clear vision for my life. However, some aren’t and now there’s too much trying to grab my attention.


Just because I can do it all doesn’t mean I should. The truth is: I won’t do it all very well, no matter how hard I try. I’ve been asking myself lately: “What one or two goals will make the biggest difference for my life?” It’s time to do some “goal pruning” and get down to what really matters.


So, I have made some difficult choices as of late…I’ve let go of a couple things I love that no longer serve me well. I was able to do this by paying attention to “quantum flirts” described by CRR Global as, “a short-lived, transient, perceptual signal which can be used to provide us with insight,” based on the work of Arnold Mindell and Quantum Mechanics. As an example of a quantum flirt: I lifted my arms to express my desire for more boldness and at that exact moment, loud roars of thunder rumbled from the sky as if to validate me and show me what that could feel like. I also can’t help but notice some not-so-subtle messages smacking me in the face with a foul odor. I’ve humorously termed these “quantum farts” as things that seem to go wrong but create breakdowns for the sake of breakthroughs. I prefer flirting over farting, but the farts are so potent!


The message is clear: To realize the vision I have for my life, I must focus on a few things that truly matter to me and my world.


This Week:  Try some “goal pruning”—especially when you are overwhelmed. One way is to walk around for at least 15 minutes, inside or outside. Consciously notice what’s catching your attention in the physical world. It could be a random sound, a cool breeze, the way light streams through a window. Use your “quantum flirts” as insights for where to focus in service of what you want for yourself, your work, your life.


In Next Week’s Post, we’ll explore the power of community.

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