When It’s OK to Trust Your Gut on a Big Decision

Laura Huang reviews how “some executives pride themselves on having a strong intuition, honed through years of experience, that guides their decisions. Others are ambivalent about relying on their intuition to make important choices, concerned that their gut reaction is inherently biased or emotional. This latter group is no doubt responding to the oft-given advice…

CEO as Chief Empathy Officer

The global pandemic is changing many things. One of them is the way we evaluate leadership. Leaders in a crisis focus on “empathy and compassion first, business second…When people feel a sense of safety, trust and empowerment, growth will return.” Business today requires more empathy than ever, John Bersin shares.

181 Top CEOs Have Realized Companies Need a Purpose Beyond Profit

Companies with high levels of purpose outperform the market by 5%–7% per year, on par with companies with best-in-class governance and innovative capabilities. They also grow faster and have higher profitability. However, the link between purpose and profitability is present only if senior management has been successful in diffusing that sense of purpose further down…

Belief Is Your Next Wicked Leadership Problem. Here’s How To Solve It.

To thrive in business tomorrow demands constant change today, and experienced leaders know that the hardest part of change is convincing people to change with you. For any vision of change to succeed, people have to embrace it as their own. And they have to seize opportunities to make it real in their daily work.…

Employee Engagement Isn’t The Key To A Healthy Workplace Culture — Instead, Aim For The Other E

Across the board, employee engagement is a top priority for today’s business leaders. American businesses spend hundreds of millions of dollars on employee engagement initiatives each year, but with less than impressive results. What if we are focusing on the wrong thing? What if employee engagement is more of a symptom than a solution?

Google Spent Years Studying Effective Bosses. Now They Teach New Managers These 6 Things

The transition from individual contributor to manager is not an easy one. In many cases, the skills that got you the promotion will not be the same ones that make you effective as a manager. Luckily, we have organizations like Google that have spent years researching this transition, to help us demystify the secrets to…

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