The Power of “I Declare”


I was struck yesterday with the realization that toddlers have mastered the formula for declaring. Raising their voices, waving their arms, stomping their feet … they declare what they want with all their being. Imagine what we could do if we recaptured that feeling down to our core, and then used it to declare to ourselves and the world what we want. There would be less questions, less doubts, just full force desire to make it happen.

Science has gotten on this bandwagon too. Just about any magazine you pick up talks about the importance of putting your desires into words – written and verbal. For me, words paint a picture that I can visualize; they give depth to my vision. Vision without declaration is merely meandering through a web of imagination and dreaming. While these are both good places to spend time in forming a vision, when you are ready to bring your vision into reality, you must step out and give voice to it.

Why? There is power in words. They form the body and soul of the vision. They create the conduit for others to hear about your vision. They spark the desire for community to bring that vison into reality. Yes, there is transformative power in declaring your vision not only to yourself but also to the world. And, if you add a little arm waving and foot stomping, that youthful energy just might create the wave to tip it over the edge.

This Week:  Take out pen and paper and write at the top of the page “I Declare”. Now, dive deep down and bring back the “toddler spirit” that knows what it wants and isn’t going to be diverted from getting it. Got it? Bring that energy to the page. Start writing and don’t edit. Just write. When you are done, leave it for a space of time. Later, distill it into three sentences. What do you declare?

In Next Week’s Post: We will explore the power of community and co-leadership for transforming your horizons.

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