BizCoach™ Academy

Businesses are waking up to the need for coaches' skills. 

Which of these misconceptions are getting in your way?

Only big companies hire coaches.Coaching a business person is like coaching anyone.I can’t coach a leader if I’ve never managed anyone.Every workplace is completely different.You can’t be fun – you’ve got to be serious and formal.I must know everything about business to be effective.You only get hired if you know somebody.I need lots of assessment certifications under my belt.I have to fit into their culture in order to be hired.I only need to engage with the person I’m coaching.Coaching in business is only for senior executives.Business people won’t want “life” coaching.Senior people are already confident and successful.I never worked for anyone, so I have little credibility.

Being a professionally certified coach sets you apart from those who simply call themselves “coach.” The same is true of coaching in the workplace – knowing how business works makes a big difference.

Coaches — whether external or internal — can positively affect the bottom line by helping leaders grow.


Be a coach who:

  • Knows how to get the gig
  • Often hears “you get what it‘s like here!”
  • Can facilitate critical conversations with your client and your client’s boss
  • Becomes a trusted long-term partner
  • Navigates easily between individual and team coaching within the organization
  • Co-creates a great client development plan
  • Provides valuable leadership resources

To work in the world of business, you need to know the language. BizCoach™ Academy educates you and provides access to a community of like-minded coaches to support your journey.

Are you ready to expand your coaching impact into the workplace? 

It all starts with a conversation – contact us to see how we can help.


Using our unique framework and approach, we help you find the right path to solve the right problem and have the right impact.

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Custom Programs

Leadership is not about a level or a title – it’s the way you show up in your business and in your life. Everyone can step up their leadership impact to make a difference, and positively affect their cultures and communities.

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Focused Coaching

Sometimes, individuals or teams require dedicated attention and support on specific issues. No matter what your objective, we have a framework that provides clarity, enhances connection, builds accountability, and shapes culture.

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Interactive Workshops

Our workshops enable participants to embrace challenges, collaborate and build interdependent relationships that will boost your company's bottom line. When employees are engaged and feel valued, success is inevitable.

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BizCoach™ Academy

Through our experiential learning process, we immerse and educate external and internal coaches on the essential “ins and outs” of business. This gives them greater credibility with leaders, from high-potential to C-Suite executives.

Start your journey with our free assessment

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“I had the best experience! After everything I went through last year, it still feels 'strange' to be so happy!”

Alberta S., Communications Director

“We got right to important issues, be it business or personal coaching – her range and expertise is right there.”

Mischa C., VP Customer Service

“I now ask for what I want, rather than wait and hope for things to happen.”

Alice G, Director of Financial Accounting

I am now more mindful about aligning my management objectives with my value system, and with a great degree of confidence.”

Kelly G, VP Sales

“The combination of intuition, business savvy and strength – holding focus on my behalf – have been immensely helpful to me."

Amy K., Senior Vice President

Are you ready to do more, show up brilliantly, and make a greater difference?