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Every New Year’s Eve, I write a letter to myself to be read the following New Year’s Eve. In it, I envision what the coming year will bring. As you can imagine, world events over the last few years have thrown some curve balls at my expectations. 

We didn’t win the HGTV Vermont house, but we did spend time outdoors. We didn’t rack up miles in our RV, but we did create the home in Gulfport, Florida, that we love. And the list goes on. It seems for everything that didn’t happen, there was something that did. 

As Tracey pointed out in last week’s blog, there is value in looking back to see more clearly what to keep, stop, and start both “being” and “doing.” And there is value in looking forward and dreaming about what might be. 

This year, when I wrote my 1 January 2024 letter, I dug deeper into what I valued – relationships, service, impact laced with my desire to live boldly. It set my tone for 2023 – informing how I wanted to show up, the impact I wanted to have, and where I wanted to grow. 

As you look to 2023, how do you want to show up? What kind of impact do you want to have? Where do you want to grow? 

This year, we are aligning the LAITHOS blog even more so to address topics most relevant to our clients. As you read them, we’d love to hear your experiences and ideas through the “Comments” section below.  

This Week:  Take some time to do some dreaming. What do you want to have happen in 2023? Don’t worry about the how simply give your heart and imagination free range. The short-term “to do” list can wait. Create the “to be” list instead.

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  1. Doug Brady on January 4, 2023 at 12:01 pm

    Nice ME.
    Love the “to be” list idea.

    Happy new Year to Y’all!

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